Composer-producer-performer in the electroacoustic world, Phil Reptil has been building a bridge between rock and electro for almost
20 years through bands, albums, solo projects and specific creations: La Theory du Reptil, Osteti, VHF, E 330, Zarboth, Maisons Maquets, with artists as diverse as Élise Caron, Médéric Collignon, Christophe Monniot, Philippe Gleizes, Jean-Fi Morel, as well as dramatico-burlesque gestural theatre with Blik, or dance with Frontières Flottantes (Yutaka Takei, dancer and choreographer for the Carolyn Carlson company).
In 2010, he produced Mina Agossi’s album Ensemble 4’33’ (Naïve).
He has worked as a studio guitarist and journalist, but his activities are also focused on sound design (illustrator and sound designer for France Culture, Crédit Agricole Leasing, BDR Productions, Koka média) and teaching.
He is a trainer and teacher at La Clef (St Germain en Laye 78), La Cave à Musique (Mâcon 71), Le Florida (Agen 47), Trempolino (Nantes 44), and teaches music and modern music production at the EMC sound school (Malakoff 92).

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