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Saint-Louis, Senegal, a mix of Sudanese savannahs and water, a crossroads of cultures, a melting pot of artistic legacies, whose population, from the intrepid fisherman to the elegant signare, bears witness to a strong identity. An ideal place with quasi-unreal landscapes, between river and Atlantic Ocean, to anchor a dreamlike adventure. It began in 2009 at a jazz festival in this city where a plethora of bands dedicated to the genre had long flourished. This is where the post-Coltranian drummer and pianist Simon Goubert first met Ablaye Cissoko, a kora player born into a family of djélis (griots) from Upper Casamance. Their interaction gave rise to two albums. [...]
The idea behind this third album is to push the goalposts even further towards the convergence of several idioms, this interweaving of rhythmic play, of contradictory modal sources. A repertoire nurtured by impressions and evocations, like an introspective gaze at this tiny corner of humanity that could be described as suspended in sea air. [...]
On this album, to say the least, our high-flying quintet, with a fascinating array of sonorous colours and a great deal of delicatesse, has paid a deeply sincere, even enchanting homage to this magical, mysterious place.
Frank Tenaille
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* Saturday 11 : MÂCON (71) - Le Crescent - https://www.lecrescent.net
* Sunday 12 : LYON (69) - Hot Club - https://www.hotclubjazzlyon.com
* Wednesday 15 : PARIS (75) - New Morning - https://www.newmorning.com
* Thursday 16 : STRASBOURG (67) - Jazzdor Festival - https://jazzdor.com
* Friday 17 : NEVERS (58) - D’Jazz Festival - https://djazznevers.com
* Saturday 18 : PLÉNEUF (22) - Salle du Guémadeuc - https://www.pleneuf-val-andre.fr
* Sunday 19 : LIFFRÉ (35) - La Bouëxière - https://www.ville-liffre.fr

Artists (5)

Jean-Philippe Viret double bass


Produced by Vincent Mahey and Simon Goubert
Recorded and mixed by Vincent Mahey
Recorded from 12 to 14 November 2022 at Studio A Sextan La Fonderie
Assistants: Tristan Barège and Éva-Marie Roche
Additional keyboards and editing: Simon Goubert
Mixed with Simon Goubert from 9 to 12 February 2023 at Studio C Sextan
Mastering: Raphaël Jonin J RAPH i.n.g
Graphic design: Atelier Bagarit
Photos: Jean-Baptiste Millot
Cover notes: Frank Tenaille
English translation: Pamela Hargreaves
Executive production and administration: Virginie Crouail and François Yvernat