Brazilian born percussionist (b. 1956), son of Mestre Marçal and grandson of Armando Vieira Marçal. Sometimes credited as Marcalzinho (Zinho is Brazilian slang for guy, fellow or chap). Not to be mistaken for his father, Marçal, also percussionist, that played with Luna  and Elizeu from 50s to 80s.
He started playing on sessions at 16, and in the 70s played on Paulinho Da Viola's band. In the 80s he played with many important artists, as Paralamas do Sucesso, Emílio Santiago, Gal Costa, Caetano Veloso, Djavan, Nei Lopes, João Bosco e Lulu Santos.
From 1986 a 1996, he was part of Pat Metheny's band.