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An Incredible Experience of Freedom

June 6, 2024, will mark the 80th anniversary of the Normandy Landings. It’s also the day Monty Alexander turns 80. A highly symbolic historical concordance which the great musician naturally embraces, since the name he was given pays homage to General Montgomery, the famous liberator.

The album D-Day is the fruit of intertwining friendships and artistic collusion often observed between Monty Alexander, the French touring agency V.O Music, and the label PeeWee!

It contains a number of iconic compositions written in wartime and original tracks:
*I’ll Never Smile Again, written in 1939, a Frank Sinatra hit throughout the Second World War.
*Smile, written by Charlie Chaplin for his film Modern Times in 1936: “Smile, though your heart is aching, Smile, even though it’s breaking, When there are clouds in the sky, You’ll get by.”
*D-Day (Just Wait), Why (that’s why), River of Peace, Restoration... are Alexander’s compositions inspired by the conflict and its extraordinary ending. On them he explores feelings triggered by this unique period, the heroism of the combatants, hope for a fresh beginning, renewed trust in other people and the sense of sacrifice.

Recorded for the most part at Studio Sextan in October 2023, D-Day captures the quintessence of two long sessions. We hear an Alexander more introspective than usual, sure of the time needed to reach the right note, the one that only comes with a feeling of self-assurance.
With the brilliant young Luke Sellick and Jason Brown, his current rhythm section, he has found partners in unison, in total fusion, with his harmonic and rhythmic digressions, always spiked with the intoxicating beat of reggae and the contagious sway of swing.

More than ever before, Monty Alexander plays spontaneously “by ear”; and that is truly the privilege of certain great ears who are able to attain a total freedom of expression.

Artists (3)

Luke Sellick double bass
Jason Brown drums


Produced by Monty Alexander and Vincent Mahey
Executive production: Virginie Crouail
General coordination: Caterina Zapponi

Recorded, edited and mixed by Vincent Mahey
Recorded at Studio Sextan on 19-20 October 2023 except 12, recorded in concert at Salle Gaveau, Paris on 12 October 2023
Assistants : Tristan Barège and Tristan Chiffoleau
Tuner: Bastien Herbin
Mixed at Studio Sextan C in November 2023
Mastering: Raphaël Jonin J RAPH i.n.g.
Musical advisor PeeWee ! Musical advisor: Simon Goubert

English translation: Pamela Hargreaves
Photos: Jean-Baptiste Millot
Graphic design: Atelier Bagarit

Booking France/Europe: V.O Music / Fred Gluzman  (fred@vo-music.com)
Booking USA/North America: Maurice Montoya  (maurice@mmmusicagency.com)
Management: Caterina Zapponi  (management@montyalexander.com)

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