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Giorgi Mikadze · piano, arrangements
François Moutin · acoustic bass
Raphaël Pannier · drums

With Face to Face, recorded in June 2023 for the French label PeeWee!, Giorgi Mikadze embraces the classic Piano – Acoustic Bass - Drums trio formula for the first time. He offers his brilliant partners an exploration inspired by the rich tradition of his native Georgia: a repertoire of emblematic melodies and vibrant memories from his childhood.

The album features his original compositions influenced by Georgian folk harmony, with vibrant melodies meticulously composed to create new jazz standard forms. In addition to the elegantly arranged music, all drawn from the rich repertoire of Georgian films, animations, and theatrical music composed in the 20th century by notable composers such as Giya Kancheli, Nodar Gabunia, Sulkhan Tsintsadze, Shota Milorava, Djansug Kakhidze...

Following in the footsteps of his prestigious contemporaries from the East, such as Tigran Hamasyan, Shahin Novrasli, and Shai Maestro, Giorgi Mikadze presents his audacious vision of the world. He seamlessly integrates clear references to the giants of American jazz while conducting harmonic and melodic research within the traditional modes of his country.

With the mastery of experts, this new power trio unfolds a clear and luminous poetry where melancholy and jubilation coexist, often just a few breaths apart. There’s a phrasal frenzy, overtly lyrical outbursts, modal digressions, reinventions of old forms, and magnetic interplay. With this first masterstroke, Mikadze-Pannier- Moutin immediately establishes themselves on par with the greats. It’s quite possible that, in a realm where everything seems to have been said, the novelty could emerge from this other prodigious pianist from the Eastern Europe.


Produced by Giorgi Mikadze
Co-produced and recorded by Vincent Mahey at Studio Sextan A - Malakoff, France on June 29-30, 2023 assisted by Tristan Barège
Piano tuned by Bastien Herbin
Editing : Giorgi Mikadze
Mixed by Arthur Gouret at Studio Sextan B on October 2023
Mastering : Raphaël Jonin J RAPH i.n.g.
Graphic design : Atelier Bagarit
Executive production : Virginie Crouail and Simon Goubert